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Whatever the application, Barco projectors shine bright

When flexibility and choice are high-focus areas, Barco’s fixed installation projectors are hard to outshine. Available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and weights, this expanding projector portfolio offers the robust framework needed to cover nearly any setup, large or small.

With Barco’s lineup available through ScanSource, you can equip your customers with a reliable and future-ready illumination technology ranging in power from 7K lumens up to a massive 75K lumens. And with these flexible projectors, your customers can get the exact resolution needed for all their applications, along with superb quality, high precision, and great results—all in a solution that’s user-friendly and built to last.
Standing out as the brightest compact
3-chip DLP laser phosphor projector available on the market, Barco’s UDX line reliably delivers razor-sharp 4K images and offers a fit for every type of event and venue. With the help of this projector’s laser phosphor light source and Constant Light Output, you can increase your customers’ projector uptime while driving maintenance costs down. Its compact and rugged design also cuts shipping and labor costs, while its FLEX² feature enables brightness and resolution to be adjusted to fit specific needs.
Representing Barco’s newest single-chip projector series, the G100 is a new force to be reckoned with in the projection arena. Its exceptional laser quality and impressive brightness power highly immersive experiences, all with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. The G100 also supports all the latest input sources, including HDMI 2.0, and can provide stunning visual experiences with deeper color palettes.

This projector is built to meet Barco’s high standards and customers’ top requirements in terms of brightness, quality, technical versatility, and sustainability—all at a budget-friendly price!
Featuring advanced cooling capabilities, Barco’s 1DLP F80 is one of the quietest laser phosphor projectors in its class. It offers stunning image quality and a laser phosphor light source to drive truly standout visual experiences, all while saving your customers both time and money. In fact, with the considerable cost savings it delivers in the areas of consumables and maintenance, the F80 can provide an unrivaled business value in a powerful projection solution.

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